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Product Safety & Certifications

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The Australian Design Rules (ADRs) are national standards for vehicle safety, anti-theft and emissions. The ADRs are generally performance based and cover issues such as occupant protection, structures, lighting, noise, engine exhaust emissions, braking and a range of miscellaneous items.

HiTV Communications headrest/DVD player has been tested to ADR3/03 and ADR 22/00.

ADR 3/02 is Seat and Seat anchorages design rule and it refers to all seat components, including head rest, child restraint anchorages, back rest. We need this design rule to determine position of the "R" point from which the load of 37dNm to be applied.

ADR 22/00 is Head Rest design rules and refers to head rest only as a seat components and test parameters as well as the detailed head rest specification.


CE compliance is mandatory for all products supplied to the European Union. Application of the CE mark signifies compliance with all relevant European Directives.


Compliance with the Australian EMC regulations are mandatory and apply to almost all electronic products supplied to the Australian market. Application of the C-Tick mark signifies compliance with appropriate Australian EMC standard. Requirements are currently limited to mains terminal disturbance voltage measurements (RF emissions traveling along the AC power lines) and radiated RF emission measurements (RF emissions emanating from the device through the air).


The federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent United States government agency. The FCC was established by the communication Act of 1934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.


EC directives and ECE regulations require all automobiles, motorcycles and their components imported to EU member states to be in conformance with a range of safety standards for drivers and the environment. A product that displays the E/e mark indicates that it complies with all the relevant regulations of a specific nation. Vehicles and electrical/electronic components, including those for aftermarket installation, are subject to the Automotive EMC Directive; compliance is indicated by the 'e' mark.