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What is active headrest?

If the headrests on your seats look like they're made by two joint pieces, they're most likely active headrests. Although some of the active headrests are in 'one-piece-design', they still have the 'active' feature. Here are few examples:

Why active headrest?

An active head restraint (or headrest) moves forward and upward in a rear-end collision to decrease the space between the restraint and the occupant's head, reducing the degree to which the head accelerates before making contact. The less acceleration, the lower the chance of injury.

Using a lever-action mechanism built into a seat, the active headrest redirects the force of an occupant's body as it presses into the backrest to move the head restraint forward. The beauty of this design is that it reacts proportionately to the occupant's motion. Unlike the type of pyrotechnic charge used in airbags and seat belt pretensions — the intensity of which may be too high or low - the active head restraints' motion is dictated by the occupant's size and weight and the severity of impact.

What is TwinView HD Active

Twinview HD Active consists of 3 components - Twinview HD screen, SmartFix bracket and screen console. It is attached to the back of the headrest instead of remove & replace the factory Active headrest; therefore the safety feature is maintained. While these were initially designed for Mercedes and BMW applications that use an Active Head Restraint System, the TwinView HD Active should work for almost any vehicle made.

Introducing SmartFix

Designed with a vertical moving range of 20cm and the ability to move forward and backward for a maximum range of 6cm when installed, the innovative SmartFix technology provides the best flexibility to TwinView HD Active.

It significantly enhances the level of comfort by covering an extended range of eye levels, from a 2 years old kid to an adult. You can adjust the position of TwinView HD Active to fit your passengers' needs. TwinView HD Active grows with your kids!

The perfect match

TwinView HD is the "only" local assembled headrest on the Car Electronics market in Australia that looks into details such as piping, stitching, texture, notches, shape and direction facing on the post, even maintaining original motorised functions.

HiTV has the largest colour codes database for car leather seats in the world and we stock more than 60 leather types in our warehouse. We guaranty a perfect match and the best look when your have TwinView HD installed in your vehicle.

For both of them

CrossLink allows the headrest to show content that's playing on the other screen. You only need to put in one DVD disc for both of your kids to enjoy their favourite TV show.

Once they finish, they can simply switch back and challenge the next few levels of the game they were playing before.

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Important Note: If your motor vehicle has a standard headrest instead of a SRS or Active one, please refer to our TwinView HD page for more information.

Technical Features:

  • Screen size: 7 inch 16:9 High resolution digital panel colour TFT-LCD monitor
  • DVD player: Philip Anti-shock top loaded automotive super slim DVD loader
  • Resolution: 800 x 480 pixel
  • Video input: PAL/NTSC Compatible
  • Power supply: DV12V
  • Operating voltage: 11~14 VDC
  • OSD: On Screen Display programming
  • Operating Temperature: 0~60 degree
  • Play back disc: 8cm/12cm VCD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, MP3

Standard Accessories:

  • 1. IR (Dual Channel) headphones.
  • 2. Built-in FM modulator.
  • 3. Bundle 32-bit game console (optional)
  • 4. Multi-functions IR remote control.
  • 5. RCA cable (connects game pad with TwinView HD Active unit)