Refined Sound Quality

Digital radio provides digital quality sound that could be comparable to CDs and are noticeably better than traditional analogue radio, such as AM and FM. HiTV VIVA adapts SureClear technology which delivers high quality audio to your car stereo via wired FM transmitter.

Unlike other in-car FM transmitter that transmits FM signal wirelessly, HITV VIVA FM transmitter is directly connected to car radio antenna input. It is directly linked to the factory system to provide easy, straight forward installation and it switches between car antenna and HiTV FM transmitter and isolate DAB audio from FM station cleverly.

In car digital radio with refined sound quality.
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Brand New Content (Digital Only)

Digital radio services provides access up to 22 additional radio stations, and currently are available in the five metropolitan state capitals. Digital only stations available include chill, soul, comedy, dance, country and many more!

Knowing What's Playing

Have you ever experienced an amazing piece of music playing on your radio only to find out you have missed the song name or artist name? With HiTV VIVA, you can see the realtime information such as song title, artist name, music type & news through DLS (Dynamic Label Segment), which is scrolling test displays. Now you will always know the name of the song that is playing.

  • In car digital radio information display screen.
  • In car digital radio information display screen.
  • In car digital radio information display screen.
  • In car digital radio information display screen.

The Size Matters

The HiTV VIVA is a true DAB+ solution for car. It is stylish & compact in size, so can be mounted anywhere accessible in the car. It is not mounted on the windscreen so it reduces the chance that unit been stolen from the vehicle.

100% Integration, 0 Distraction

HiTV VIVA user interface is easy to use so driver could concentrate on driving. HiTV VIVA is controlled via one knob button, simply rotate the knob to find the radio station you like & press the knob to select a station. You won't even need to look at the display screen!

It also comes with:

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The smallest in-car digital in the world, you will see the true variety of mounting spot.

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Important Note: The connection of factory antenna and stereo system requires a professional mechanic with proper equipments.

Technical Features:

  • DAB+ receiver
  • ETSI EN 300 401 compliant receiver
  • Support DAB/DAB+
  • Sensitivity -99dBm
  • FM transmitter
  • Power: 115dBuV
  • Frequency: 91 MHz, 94.6 MHz, 100 MHz, 103 MHz
  • Audio Output: SNR:65dB
  • Audio Output Level:650mV
  • Main Control Unit: W88.5 H56 D26 mm
  • Switch Box: W68 H28 D60 mm

Standard Accessories:

  • 1. 3.5mm AUX cable
  • 2. 3M double sided tap
  • 3. Power harness
  • 4. Main Controller cable
  • 5. Owner's Manual